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I was blessed enough to spend most of my summer and fall photographing tons of mommy and daddies to be, and now that winter is here, my schedule is full of little newborns! I cannot imagine a better way to spend my winter than snuggling and photographing sweet little babies! I am learning first hand just how quickly they grow and change, as our own little guy is no longer a newborn! (How did that happen?!)

For this session, they contacted me specifically wanting to capture the details of her little guys smallness; his peach fuzz shoulders, his little wrinkles. I think she understands, what all moms see and feel, pride in their growing and changing baby, but also the wish that they could stay little forever. Babies don't keep, but photographs do. His littleness and newness is now forever captured in these photos. 

During this session, the momma asked me a pointed question, she asked me if becoming a mom myself, changed my photography as well.. I answered yes. For one thing it definitely helps me relate to you fellow mommas out there. I understand now during your newborn session exactly how exhausted and sore you are feeling. And for maternity sessions, how uncomfortable and tired you can feel with that big ole belly waiting to meet your little love. But mostly, there is a new depth of appreciation for what I do. I value photography. I always have. But now that I'm a mom, I treasure photos greater than I ever have before. Photos are memories, and those memories are part of the legacy we leave behind for our children and grandchildren. Images of love and a life well loved. So enjoy the photos below; this little guy is so loved, and it was such an honor to capture that love for them for the first time. 

Newborn Northern Virginia
Northern Virginia newborn session