Rebecca and Jason || Northern Virginia maternity session

I have always loved maternity sessions. There is something about the beautiful season of waiting that just calls to me. I love capturing that pregnancy glow, and the love between a couple as they get ready for their little one to arrive. Pregnancy is so brief when you look at 9 months in the context of a lifetime. I think being pregnant myself, has made me even more of a sap for documenting this time. I know I personally want to remember the way this feels forever, those first little flutters, to those BIG kicks now.. looking down at my ever growing belly, and simply being in awe of the little boy growing inside it. I want to document it for myself because I know soon he will be here, and though I may swear I will remember all of this, I know I won't. And that's where the photos will come in. And so, I'm so thankful for the opportunity to capture this for other mom's to be as well. Those of us that are maybe a little sappy, and want to remember exactly what being pregnant felt like. To see photos and remember. And so I give you this sweet couple, due just a week before me! I hope that Rebecca and Jason will treasure these photos forever, and someday get to show their little boy what what momma looked like when he was still in her belly. 

Northern Virginia early morning maternity session by Rachel K Photo
Maternity session with puppy by Rachel K Photo
Outdoor maternity session by Rachel K Photo, Northern Virginia's premier photographer