Celebrating adoption with photography || Northern Virginia family photography

Several months ago, I signed up to be a volunteer photographer for Together We Rise, a non-profit that amongst other things connects photographers and families that have recently adopted for free family photo shoots. The first time Together We Rise contacted me, I unfortunately was unavailable, but the next time, despite being only about 2.5 weeks from my due date, managed to make it work! 

If you've read any on my site, you've probably seen me mention how I was a nanny for about 6 years prior to dedicating myself full time to photography. What isn't mentioned however, is that two of the families I worked for had children from adoptions. Because of that, adoption is something that is so incredibly close to my heart, and so it is such a joy and privilege to be able to give back and give families the gift of family photography. I am a firm believer that photography is an investment in a family's legacy and the children's story, so it is my constant hope that my work would be timeless, and that I create images that will live on in this family and all my clients families for generations to come. 

It was such a joy to meet these guys and to capture this family session for them. I particularly am in love with the photos of the girls dancing and twirling. There is so much joy there!

Northern Virginia Adoption Session by Rachel K Photo LLC
Arlington Virginia Adoption Session by Rachel K Photo LLC