January 365 || DC family photographer

Last year I started to do a 365 project, and quit about 5 weeks in when my morning sickness hit. This year I wanted to try again and was extra motivated because of my desire to document Cantor and his littleness. Additionally I set a goal to get in the shoot at least once per week. Real talk time though, did I take a photo every single day? No, but I did most days. Is there more than one photo from the same day? You betcha. It's my 365 project, and I'm ok with that. I'm shooting most days just for us, which is way more than I was. Being realistic though, somedays just aren't going to happen.

Also, that beautiful blanket that's in a bunch of the photos is our favorite! It's by Koko's Nest, and you can get your own here!

Rachel K Photo 365 January