Life with Cantor || Everyday film class

Life with Cantor is the best ever. This video gives you a real glimpse into our everyday with him. I was inspired to learn video after hiring a videographer for both our wedding and Cantor's birth. Because we live far away from our families, my goal is to create family videos that capture a little bit of Cantor's childhood as he grows. It's not only something that we will cherish forever, but something to share with our families till we're able to live closer.

To learn video I took The Everyday Film Workshop. It was amazing and I cannot recommend it enough. If you are interested in learning how to use your DSLR to capture videos, you should definitely check it out!

Ok, enough about it, just watch below and be on the lookout for more Lipsmeyer family videos in the future! I've already started filming for the next!