March 365 || Northern Virginia family photographer

I'm not sure I should be calling this project a 365 anymore. While I am taking photos still almost every day, I'm definitely not narrowing them down to just one a day! These are my favorites from March though. It was a busy monh! My parents came to visit, and then my sister and her family, Cantor started sitting up, and had his first food! I didn't do so great with getting in the frame this month, but I'll try harder at it this month. Those photos require a lot more effort with tripods and timers/remotes. Now that I'm a couple of months in on this project, I'm really starting to love and appreciate the way it's pushing me. For those of you that don't know, we live in a one bedroom apartment.. there's only so many ways you can photograph the same space, and a little one until recently couldn't even sit up! I think it's helping me to see things in different ways, though, get more creative, and see light differently. I plan to be more intentional this month about photographing in the back 1/2 of the apartment, the kitchen and bathroom. I don't photograph there often, because all the windows are in the bedroom and living room. And now that I've put it on here, I have to, right?! If you're interested, you can see February's photos here, and January's here.

March 365 by Rachel K Photo
365 March by Rachel K Photo