Leighan Rose Designs || Mother's Day Mompreneur Feature


In the month leading up to Mother's Day I am featuring four businesses owned and run by young mompreneur like myself. I really want to celebrate these fellow working mommas and feature their small businesses for Mother's Day. I hope you will join me in learning a little bit more about what it looks like to be a wife, mother, and entrepreneur all wrapped up in one!

First up this week is Leighan with her new business Leighan Rose Designs. I got to know Leighan several years ago when we were in the same photography class. Cut forward a few years, and here we both are boy moms and small business owners. I'm so excited to share with you all more about her and her small business! And be sure to read all the way to the bottom to find out about the giveaway Leighan is doing and how you can win one of her beautiful digital cameos!

Leighan Rose Designs

Tell us a little bit about your business.

I went to school for photography and completed my degree about a month before my first child was born. I learned a lot about the technical side of portrait photography and editing. But it wasn’t until I worked with a new and growing studio that I really started to flex my Photoshop and Lightroom muscles. That work established a love for retouching and editing in my heart that I never had there before. Now I am combining the best aspects of photography and editing to create custom and personalized artwork for the home. My desire is to create a timeless heirloom that families can cherish for generations. I want to provide something that no one else is doing, using the creativity inside of me and the skills I have learned to bring fresh ways to display loved ones in wall art around the home. Whether it is that vintage look of a cameo silhouette or a unique hanging canvas unlike any other piece, my desire is to create a high quality piece that will bring joy to families.

What inspired you to start your own business? 

This business started off as one very small idea. A friend had recently told me about engineer prints. After a quick Pinterest search, I found some really cool prints that DIYers were creating using large thin photo paper and slats of wood. My sister was getting married and I wanted to create s unique gift for her. I had recently photographed her engagement session and decided to take a favorite and turn it into a cool piece of art. After creating one for my sister I fell in love with the rustic look of the piece and use of photography in a new way. This inspired me to create a piece for my home of my son. I had been wanting an old fashion cameo of my son. So I used the hanging canvas style combined with the cameo to create a piece of my son. I was so in love with it, I knew it was something others would love too. This is how it all started. I had just left my job at the studio, I was expecting baby number two, I was staying at home with a two year old, and I was desperate for a breath of creativity. The combination of those things birthed this business. It was as simple as the marrying of my desire to create for other families a lasting memory like I had and to use the things I love doing most to stimulate income. I am so excited about where it can lead and how it can grow!

Leighan Rose Designs

What do you and your son like to do in your free time?

My boy Liam LOVES to be outside! Anytime, anywhere, any weather! Unfortunately, I can’t hang through the extremes of weather like he can. But, i do love to sit out on the porch with him and watch him play. Our porch can be a magical spot at a certain time of day. The sun is shielded and the breeze is light and we can sit and enjoy time together. We have picnics and listen to music. It’s one of my favorite things to do. We honestly do everything together. He’s my little buddy. He keeps me company and helps me with chores. And when we get the time we try our best to have some fun together, doing whatever it is we want to do. 

Leighan Rose Designs wall

How do you think going from one kid to two will affect your business?

Oh boy! Having another boy running around I am sure will be difficult. I will have to create more boundaries between “work time” and “mommy free time”. But I am hoping that those few precious months where I can stick the baby in a carrier will give me a chance to adjust and get organized. But that might be spoken like a true mom of one! 

Leighan Rose designs cameo

What does getting to be a mompreneur mean to you?

Being a mompreneur is one of the greatest blessings. To be able to do what you love and have a career yet still be available fro raise your kids means everything to me. While I was working, it was really hard to hear the milestones my boy was learning and experiencing without me. I just felt that desire to be with him, to be the one teaching him and guiding him through life. It’s hard to do both, to work and be mom. But when you have your own business you can decide how much or how little you are giving to both aspects of your life.

Leighan Rose Designs

What's the best part of owning your own business?

My dad is a kitchen designer and he owns his own showroom in Myrtle Beach, SC. I have seen the flexibility in his life, to go on vacation, to take time off, to be with family whenever he wants. That is the best part of owning your own business. You make your own hours, you decide when and how you will work/spend your time. It gives you freedom to make room. No guilt, no questions asked. Freedom to decide what’s most important. When you work for someone else they decide what is most important and for the most part, you are required to comply. I love being free of that and creating my own schedule. Especially in this precious season of life with little ones growing in leaps and bounds every day! This is the time that matters most. And working for myself gives me the ability to choose my family. 

Leighan is giving away to one lucky reader a digital file cameo for you to print and frame in your own home! To enter simply like both our pages on Facebook and Instagram and then comment back here when you're done. Easy peasy! The contest will run until Tuesday at midnight and the winner will be announced the next day, Wednesday, April 26th on Leighan's Facebook page!

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