Koko's Nest || Mother's Day Mompreneur Feature

This is the third blog in my Mother's Day series featuring fellow Mompreneurs! If you missed the first one from two weeks ago you can read here about Leighan and her business Leighan Rose Designs here. And if you missed last week's, you can read here about Elle and her business Opal Design Shop here. Also if you entered her giveaway be sure to check out her social media to see if you won! Now on Koko's nest! We have one of her blankets, and absolutely LOVE it. If you've ever been to my home (or seen photos of it) you know that I am a lover of neutrals. It's been hard for me to find great products for little boys that are both quality and not baby blue. Koko's nest fits both of those perfect! I included a few photos of my guy with his blanket in this post so you can see how much use we get out of ours! Nw here's what owner Sy had to say about being a small business owner:

What inspired you to start your own business?

I have a background full of degrees in things fairly unrelated to starting my own business and I am one of those people constantly trying to figure out what I was supposed to do “in life”. And then I became a parent. In some ways, those Big Life questions were sidelined by more immediate needs of caring for a newborn, trying to adjust to the new lifestyle of no sleep, etc. In other ways, those questions came into focus more than ever. As a new mom, my time and energy, as well as the things I had the bandwidth to care about became very limited. I realized I had no more time to waste and decided to start this business. Initially, I had no idea if it would go anywhere, or if I had any of the skills necessary to make it work. But I took something I loved and something I felt was lacking in the marketplace and just launched koko’s nest as quickly as I could. From there, I just learned on the job!

Koko's nest
Koko's nest

What's the best part and the worst part of working from home and for yourself?

The best part of working from home is staying in my jammies. The worst part? It’s soooooo hard to not get distracted by all the housework that piles up throughout the day. The best part of working for myself is certainly the flexibility. And the worst part is not having an external accountability system. Some people are better at self-accountability than others and it’s certainly something I have to constantly work on.

What other moms have been influential to you as you pursue your business? How did they shape your business?

Great question! I met Shelley Suh, founder of the amazing maternity and nursing brand Loyal Hana, at an event back when we were still in New York City. We instantly clicked and she’s been a constant source of inspiration and accountability for me. Earlier on, she helped me focus on the koko’s nest product line and it’s been really helpful to continuously check in with each other for some accountability and encouragement.

What are some of your top business-related resources?

I am pretty obsessed with podcasts. Especially as a mom and business owner with very limited time to just read, it’s a really great way to absorb information while doing other mundane tasks. My favorites were all recommended to me by fellow female entrepreneurs: Building a Story Brand with Donald Miller, Being Boss, and Profit Power Pursuit.

What does the future look like for your business?

Lots of exciting things! Since moving from NYC down to the DC area, we have started to build more of a local community and that will be an ongoing project. But most importantly, we are growing and expanding our collection beyond the Modern Heirloom! Stay tuned (0:

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