My parents || DC family photographer

I don't often photograph couples without babies or bellies, but these two are special. These are my parents. This year they will have been married for 33 years. 33 years of love and life and waking up every day and still choosing the other. 

These photos were taken last week while we were on vacation at the beach. Through the years, we've had family photos taken, but my parents haven't had a single professional photo of just the two of them since their wedding day... almost 33 years ago. I knew I wanted to take these before we got there, and I was so happy when my parents not only agreed but got excited. I brought this dress, just for my mom to wear. She told me it made her feel like she was wearing a wedding dress. 

I'm so happy I could take these photos. Not just for them, but for our whole family. It's cliche' but true, I exist today because these two people fell in love. Me, my sister, our babies. It all started here. 

Scroll to the bottom to see a sweet photo from their wedding day that I found ;)

Folly beach couple session by Rachel K Photo
Folly beach anniversary session by Rachel K Photo
mom and dad's wedding

This October will be 33 years of marriage!