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April's photos: This month saw a lot of firsts for Cantor and our little family. But I suppose really that's what it's going to be every month for a while. Everything is new to us as first time parents, and new to Cantor, as well, he's new here.. This month we went to the park and he got to swing for the first time, we celebrated his first Easter, and he cut both his bottom teeth! He is so smily and laughs all the time. He's especially ticklish on his chubby thighs, and there's 6 photos in here of the faces he makes when you tickle him! I love that I am documenting our family time every month and it's so fun to look back on the previous months already! He's growing entirely too fast, and soon will be crawling! At the bottom is a collection of self portraits I took. And as always, I didn't shoot every single day, but the ones I did I had a hard time narrowing down. What can I say, I'm a proud momma :)

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April 365 by Rachel K Photo
365 April 2017 by Rachel K Photo
April 365 self portraits by Rachel K Photo