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It's June, and it's already so very hot! I don't know about you, but I love to be outside, and really want to install my love of outdoors in Cantor. We used to take walks all the time, but now most days are too hot for that. It's hard because he's not really big enough for a splash pad, and we also don't have access to a pool. When we are outside though, I'm always trying to think of fun ways to keep him cool, and both of these NUBY products are perfect!

Their fruit popsicle molds were a big hit not only with my little guy but with his big cousins too! We put unsweetened applesauce in ours here and froze it. The kiddos went crazy for them. You could use any kind of juice, smoothie, or even a baby food pouch though! We actually took it to the beach with us, and it was a great way to help all the kiddos stay cool and hydrated. 

Nuby by Rachel K Photo

Other great summer time products to keep cool are Nuby's Grim N' Sip cup and Wonder Cups. Our pediatrician told us at our 6-month appointment that we should go ahead and introduce a sippy cup to help Cantor make the eventual transition. He still needs to work on the tipping back action, but he loves sippy cups already, especially the Wonder Cup! And seriously, how cute are his cheeks when he bites down on it to get some water? We offer these cups at meals times all the time now but I especially found them handy at the beach! Cantor kept trying to put sand in his mouth, which of course would then make him upset, but we could give him his cup and he would be good as new!

Nuby blog by Rachel K Photo

Full disclosure, Nuby sent me these fabulous products, but the opinions are my own. All of these Nuby products are available at Babies R Us or Amazon, but if you head over to my Instagram you can enter to win a Fruitsicles mold of your own! Giveaway starts today (6/21) and ends Friday night at midnight (5/23). After you've entered there, head back here and leave a comment for an extra entry!

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