Baby boy number 3 || DC maternity photographer

This family right here is so near and dear to my heart. This is my sweet sister in law and her guys. They're expecting baby boy number three this fall and I couldn't be happier about getting another nephew! We, unfortunately, don't live very close to this crew, but a couple of weeks ago we were all together for a family vacation in Branson, MO, and so we struck out in search of a couple of spots to do some photos. I have to say, it was so fun for me to get to photograph in a new location. It's nice to know the parks up here like the back of my hand, but sometimes I miss the fields and forests I used to photograph when I lived further south. After taking some family photos, Brandi and I headed off to do a few just of her and that beautiful bump. We picked out a gorgeous overlook and ended the session in the water. Future clients, if you ever want to end a session in some water, just tell me! I love it so much! 

I am counting down the weeks until we get to see these guys again. It's hard being away from family and feeling like we miss out on things, but a new baby is always a great reason to visit! Y'all keep your fingers crossed we can make it in time for the birth!! Either way, come September you can expect a whole lotta photos of this little guy, because I plan to spend our entire visit either snuggling him or photographing him. What else would I do?! 

family maternity session in Branson MO by Rachel K Photo
family maternity session in Branson by Rachel K Photo
Family maternity session in MO by Rachel K Photo
MO family maternity session by Rachel K Photo