Indoor winter family session || Centreville Family Photographer

When I was pregnant with my son people would tell me all the time how little boys are so sweet to their momma's when they are little. And if you are reading this and you are pregnant with a little boy, know that it's true. We only have one right now so I've nothing to compare it with but as my son has come into the toddler years I already see it. He is so sweet to me, giving kisses and snuggling. And it's not that he isn't sweet with his daddy, but it is somehow different. It was the same at this session. These boys were so sweet with both their parents, but there's a difference with their mom. Just look at the way they look at her, the way they clearly adore her. One of my favorite photos from this session is where mom and her boys are sitting on the floor and her youngest has his hands on her face. It's so indicative of the age he is and I just couldn't love it more. I am and always will be a sucker for the details. I also really love the photo of the boys sitting in front of the windows. Those little silhouetted faces looking at each other just get me. 

Indoor family session with two boys in Centreville Va by Rachel K Photo
Indoor winter family session with two boys in Centreville Va by Rachel K Photo
Winter Indoor family session with two boys at Stone Tower Winery in Loudon Va by Rachel K Photo