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August was such a big month for us. We packed up all our things and moved once again across the country. It’s been such a good move already though. We love our new home, and our new city, and most of all being closer to our families. We’ve already gotten to see them so much more than we normally would have. Because we moved though, and I’m like a million years pregnant I didn’t take many photos. There is only so much energy these 3rd trimester days, and it just didn’t happen. I did however make sure I captured our last morning in Virginia, as well as some in our new home. I am really excited to photograph in our home. To have “new” light to play with and new spots. Just. Need. More. Energy.

My favorite from August though is the video. I am so interested and inspired by moving pictures right now. The video captures “dada and bug” hanging our in their jammies, in our mostly empty apartment, on the last day we spent in Virginia. It isn’t in particular anything special, but to me (and I’m sure most mom’s can relate) it’s the best ever. Since this video was taken Cantor has received his first haircut. Those clips of him jumping and those curls bouncing are pretty much priceless as far as I’m concerned. And the one and the end where they’re snuggling and dad is running his hands through his hair.. makes me tear up. That’s probably the pregnancy hormones speaking, but the details forever captured make my heart so happy.

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