December personal photos || Huntsville and Madison Alabama family photographer and videographer

December feels like a life time ago. We were still adjusting to life as a family of four, and trying to find our stride in balancing the needs of two littles ones. Why is it that time moves so quickly as a mom? It’s been just a few short months since I took these photos and I can already see the little changes in how both my boys have grown and changed. Cantor, day by day become more of a little boy, and less of the little baby I will always miss. Adler, no longer a newborn. Those sweet sleep deprived days now left behind. Even the hardest seasons can be remembered fondly in motherhood. I honestly wouldn’t want to go back to Cantor’s newborn days, they were so hard, but I’d give almost anything to hold that sweet little baby again. And now when he curls up on my lap I try to remind myself that these days and this season is passing quickly too. The day will come that he will be too big to be held, and worse, that he won’t want to. Sometimes I hear people say about having multiple kids that you get to “do it over again.” You do get to do the newborn and each subsequent stage “again” but it isn’t “over again” in the sense they mean. Adler being a baby doesn’t replace the sweet time in my memory of when Cantor was first born. And if we have more children, it won’t replace this time Adler. Each child and each season is beautifully unique and I want to bottle it all up forever. These personal photos and videos are my attempt at holding on.

Huntsville newborn and Family photographer Rachel K Photo
Huntsville newborn and Family photographer and videographer Rachel K Photo
Huntsville newborn, family, and maternity photographer and videographer  Rachel K Photo
Huntsville newborn and Family videographer Rachel K Photo