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Here’s a little talked about secret. I barely remember either of my boy’s first months They are a blur of sleepless nights, and I blinked and he was no longer a newborn, but a baby. I’m pretty sure if it wasn’t for all these photos (and even more on my phone) I wouldn’t remember at all. Photos serve as a way to help us remember and that is never more true to me then when it comes to the newborn phase. As mommas we think we will remember everything, every little detail, and we want to so desperately. Or at least I do. But I don’t. I wish I could bottle this season up. The smell of my little baby, even those long sleepless nights, because there is something incredibly sweet about the stillness and quiet that exists only in the middle of the night as you hold your baby. And yes, I long for more sleep, but the experience of a second time mom tells me that we will all sleep again. And I will miss even these sleepless nights.

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