Adler's birth story || Huntsville and Madison Alabama family photographer

The story of Adler’s birth really starts with the story of Cantor’s. I never wrote out his birth story but i feel like it’s important to share a few details of It to start.

Cantor was born after a 27 hour labor. The first 12 hours were spent at hOme until my water broke around midnight. By the time we got To the hospitaL my uterus became “over stimuLatEd” and my contractions stopped having any break between them. It was awful, and that doesn’t even begIn to describe It. I continued on like that for a few hours but in the wee hours of the morning ended up getting an epidural. When cantor was finally born the next daY he had should dystocia. For those of You that don’t know what that is, it essentially means hIs shoulders got stuck. Drs, Nurses, and the nicu team all rUshed in and they had to do an episiotomy to get him unstuck. When he finally came out he was limP and blue, and they immediately took him away. I’ll never forget the way that felt, having them rush him away. They got him resuscitated and those first cries are one of best sounds i’ve Ever heard. It was over an hour after he was born before i got tO see his sweet face though and hold him for the first time. Needless to say i was traumatized after his birth and upon Getting pregnant with Our second i had a lot of anxiety. It was made even worse when we foUnd out we would be moVIng acRoss the county around 26 weeks pregnant.

On ouR very last appointment in Virgina, one of the midwives that delivered Cantor told us that she had prayed for us (and all the babies she delivers) during cantor’s delivery. I teared up thInking back to that day and full on cried on the way home. In the car my husband told me not to worry about this next birth. That God had it under control. That we didn’t know that particular midwife was going to help deliver Cantor or that she would be praying for him when she did. He told me I didn’t need to be anxious about moving and finding a new provider or the birth at all. He said, “God will put the people that are supposed to be there in the room again when we have this next baby.” I Thought about that a lot at the time, but EventuaLly forgot until my husband recently reminded me. It’s important to this story though.

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With cantor i went into labor on my own at 39 +4. With Adler, 40 weeks came and went and i was a bit disappointed. I really didn’t want to be induced and i also was nervous about how big this baby would be. I had gestational diabetes with this pregnancy to top It all off. At my last doctor’s appointment (40 +2) we decided to schedule an induction for the end of the week. I also let her check me and strip my membranes in hopes of still going iNto labor before then. I was 3cm dilated and 80% effaced. I had some bloOdy shoW after and went hOme to wait. My parents came into town and around noon i started having a couple of contractions. I didn’t think too muCh aBout it because i had been having irregular ones for about a month. About 30 mins later though they were quite painful and were consistently 8-10 minutes apart. I called my husband and left a message. He called back and i essentially put him on stand by. This could be it I told him. Stay near your phone. I called my doula and birth photographer and did the same. Within 30 more minutes my contractions jumped to 4-5 minutes apart. I told my husband to come hOme and my doula headed over. I got in the bath with a book and waited for them to get there. Once my husbaNd arrived we turned on Netflix, to occupy the in between contraction time. Our amazing doula, Hannah, arrived and we mostly just chatted between contractions. The contractions were painful, but in the tub they were manageable. They got worse and closer together every time I got out of the tub though. As my contractions started to get consistently closer together, around two minutes, our doula suggested that we start to think about getting ready to go to the hospital. I was still very “with it” though and completely dreaded getting in the car. In that moment I even wished we could just stay home. I couldn’t help but think back to that awful car ride the first time around and everything that followed. I completely trusted Hannah though. I got up out of the tub to leave and started having a bunch of very painful contractions, more pressure, and more bloody show. I told Hannah and she said “we’re leaving right now.” I very quickly became “not with it.” The rest is a bit blurry, but I’ll do my best. During the car ride over my contractions thankfully spaced back out to 5ish minutes apart. We hit some rush hour traffic and arrived at Crestwood Hospital right at 5pm. The valet asked me if I wanted a wheel chair, but I declined, determined to walk. We made it into labor and delivery and I signed in. Right from the start the nurses were amazing. They put me in a big room and Hannah ran ahead to start getting my tub set up. My plan was to labor in the tub as long as possible and at this point we assumed I still had a few hours. Water during labor is always super helpful for me. A really wonderful nurse, whose name I unfortunately did not get took hold of me and helped me down the hall. She was right by my side each time I had a contraction soothing me and speaking encouraging words in to me. We finally got to the room after what felt like a very long walk and I laid in the bed for them to start my IV and check me. I was also group B strep positive. I was with Cantor as well. At this point my contractions were very close together, but I’m not sure how close exactly. Maybe a minute or less? They got my IV started and checked me. I was 6cm dilated. At this point I’m pretty much freaking out I’m in so much pain. I ask for nitrous and they tell me they have to get everything situated first. Then I change my mind and just ask for an epidural. They tell me it will be at least 30 minutes before they could order one because they need to get fluids in me first. So then I go back to wanting nitrous, because I don’t really want an epidural to begin with. I’m basically in full on panic. Hannah is trying to set the tub up for me, and comes to my side to remind me that I wanted to stay mobil. Because of Cantor’s birth, I knew my best chance of not having another dystocia was to be able to push in an upright position and not on my back. She tells me that she thinks I feel so panicky because I’m dilating quickly. We just had no idea how quick! Shortly after I remember feeling Adler move down with each contraction. It was the wildest thing. And even in the moment I was completely in awe of what was going on. Moments later I felt the uncontrollable urge to push! I was in complete shock, as I started pushing. It was completely involuntary. I couldn’t have stopped at that moment if they told me. I was laying on my side and started pushing. Again, because of Cantor’s birth I pushed with everything I had in me. Quickly I felt that “burning ring of fire” sensation, and again stood in awe of it. With an epidural last time, I felt none of this. I knew that sensation meant he was crowning though. Another push and his head was out. They told me to stop pushing, and I found out later the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck. Then they give me the go ahead and I push again. He didn’t budge. What follows is a little bit of my memory, and a little bit of what I’ve been told from Hannah and my husband. Adler, like his big brother had shoulder dystocia and was stuck. In my memory, I remember them moving my legs to try to open my pelvis more and then pressing on my belly to help push him out. That’s when I realized what was happening. I was so scared. I pushed with all I had knowing I had to get him out. I could hear my husband by my head praying. He told me later he didn’t even realize he was praying out load, but I heard him say Jesus over in over in my head. Finally he was out and once again they took him. He quickly pinked up though and I had him in my arms in just minutes. I remember holding him and looking at his beautiful face in complete shock. Adler was born at 5:37pm. I had arrived at the hospital at 5pm and they had checked me at 6 cm a mere 12 minutes before he was born! . Now here’s the part that’s even crazier. I went so quickly that my Dr wasn’t even there when I had him. Remember earlier when I mentioned my husband talking about who would be in the room when we delivered? Our incredible doula Hannah was there. When we initially decided to hire a doula again Hannah stood out to us because she had chosen to do some continuing education midwifery dystocia training. Let me stop right here though and say that doula’s do not deliver babies but because of our previous birth her extra knowledge made me feel a lot more comfortable about choosing NOT to have a c-section. So back to birth day, when Adler got stuck, and there was no DR present our nurses (while wonderful) panicked and didn’t do anything. It was Hannah who stepped in and instructed them on how to get him out, and it was her that eventually cleared his shoulder to be born. Y’all. Hannah literally saved our boy’s life as far as I’m concerned, and also probably prevented me from having an accidental home birth or worse, car birth. Not only that but despite the dystocia she gave me the birth I had wanted and what was ultimately such a healing experience from the fear and anxiety I carried around with me from the last time. Not to mention an incredibly easy recovery and that’s with having a toddler to take care of as well. I cannot speak Hannah’s praises enough, and if you’re pregnant and in the Madison/Huntsville area you should check her out. She’s the Happy Helper Doula and you can find her website here.

So that’s it. That’s how our second little blessing came into the world.

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