Emma 3 months old || DC family photographer

One of the greatest feelings as a photographer is when your past clients refer new clients to you. When you are excited enough with your photos to tell others, it makes me so happy! This sweet family of three was one such referral. I met them in their home and we walked around their neighborhood for these photos. I think that's so incredibly sweet to not only capture this season of life but to capture exactly where it's taking place as well. We made a loop, walking and talking and stopping to snap photos in several different spots. I love talking and connecting with new parents. The so-called "fourth trimester" wasn't that long ago for us and I remember it well! ...But not too well, because I was super sleep deprived! Ha! It does get easier though. And while that season is hard in so many ways, it is also wonderful and beautiful. I would already give so much just to have an hour of newborn snuggles again with my son!

It was such a pleasure to capture this sweet time for this family. I hope these photos will always remind them of the time when there wasn't a lot of sleep, but there was a lotta love.

DC 3 month old Family session by Rachel K Photo
3 month old family neighborhood session in DC by Rachel K Photo