Ev & Josh || Knoxville lifestyle photographer

Things my nephew, Ev loves:





Hide and seek

My fiance', Josh

This blog post is dedicated to Ev's adorable obsession with Josh. I could tell countless stories, but I'll limit myself to just one. We were in town for a few days after Liv was born (when these photos were taken). And I stayed back in Knoxville for a few additional days when Josh had to return to Virginia. On my first day over at their house after Josh had left, my sister goes upstairs to get Ev after he has woken up from his nap. On the way down I hear her tell him, "your aunt Rach is here!" And I kid you not, Ev responds with "Yeah, Josh!!" He's probably Josh's biggest fan, and I couldn't be happier about it. They're quite the pair! 


Lifestyle photo shoot by Northern Virginia photographer Rachel K Photo