Rachel K Photo in an International Photo contest

I submitted this, as well as a few other images over the summer to Lemonade and Lenses international photo competition. Did you hear me right? INTERNATIONAL. Then I waited. Then I forgot. Until the week they were supposed to announce the winners. Then I obsessed about it, but told myself it was unlikely I would place. Still I was optimistic. The day came and went, and I didn't get an email. I was disappointed, but I'm busy planning a wedding, so I didn't have time to dwell on it. A few days later, I was driving back to TN to visit my family and do a few photo shoots, and I get an email. THE EMAIL. Telling me I've placed second in the child category. Y'all I screamed. And then I proceed to call my fiancé at work, which I've never done before, and scream some more. He thinks I've gotten into a wreck at first. Whoops. But then he understands. He is my biggest fan, my biggest supporter. He encouraged me when I though I hadn't placed, and on that day he shared in my joy and excitement. Life is so much sweeter when you have someone to share it with. This photo though, this image makes my heart so incredibly happy. It's of Judah, my soon to be nephew.. though really I already think of him as mine. This captures the essence of childhood to me. Judah is all boy, and all joy as he ran across the sand and water that day. This is just Judah being Judah. And this image will forever remind me of my first family vacation with my in-laws. This picture means more to me because of that, than any award. Though let's be real, getting an award from my photography peers was pretty sweet too. To see the rest of the amazing images that won in this competition, head over to Lemonade and Lenses! To see more images from our family beach trip, check out the blog post I did on them here. This photo was also featured on The Monocramatic Lens, and I talk about that here.

International contest winner image by rachel k photo