To my momma on Mother's Day || Madison and Huntsville Alabama Family photographer

Motherhood is hard and a mostly thankless job, which got me thinking about all the things I've never thanked my own mother for. So here's an incomplete list momma: 

Thanks for wiping my butt FOR YEARS until I could do it myself. Thanks for going to the grocery store when you really, really, really didn't want to (which is all the time for me) so we could have food in the house. And thanks for cooking dinner, and washing dishes and sorting and washing and folding allll that laundry over and over and over and over and over every day for more years than I like to think about. Thanks for not killing me when I was a teenager. Though I totally would've deserved it. And thanks for believing in me and trusting in me when I was a bit of a selfish, lost, 20 something. Thanks for encouraging me and supporting me in my little business and literally "liking" everything that I do. Thanks for loving me so hard. Again, especially through those teenage years, and all the other days that I drove you absolutely crazy. And while we're talking about love, thanks for loving daddy for the past 3o something years. I know marriage can be hard, but y'all have always set the best example. Thanks for loving God and making me get up and go to church when I wanted to stay in bed. We are all imperfect people, but you always pointed us to the One who is perfect. Thanks for being willing to be imperfect and showing us how to ask forgiveness when we need it. I'm so thankful God made you my momma. Happy Mother's Day Momma!