Sessions can be held pretty much anywhere. Please glance over my location suggestions if you don’t have one in mind. Don’t forget your home as an option as well! Especially if your kiddos are pretty little and the weather is very hot or very cold. It doesn’t have to look like an interior design magazine to be session worthy! On your session date we will meet at the selected location at the scheduled time and go over any special requests or needs you may have. Any remaining balance is due at the beginning of the session. Then we will start shooting! If we are on location, we will move around to capture and utilize a variety of colors, textures, scenery, and light. If we are shooting in your home, I will show up a little early so that I can look around to find the best lighting and locations. I strive to keep things very relaxed and comfortable! I will direct you as needed, but often times I find the best images are captured when you’re interacting naturally. At the end of the session, I’ll answer any last questions you might have.  Then we’re all finished!




My goal is to capture you and your family at your happiest, which with children, may call for potty breaks, snack breaks, clothing changes, or just time to get used to me and my camera. I will work with their level and their pace. I will do a mixture of formal and candid shots in order to capture you and your family in authenticity.


I get that taking family photos probably isn’t on your "Top Ten" list of ways you want to spend your day, but hear me out. Someday your kids won’t be little anymore. Someday they’ll be too heavy to lift into the air, too big to carry in your arms. If not now, then someday you will be glad you captured their ‘littleness.’ And because you are just as much a part of their childhood as they are- they will be glad you are present in their photos as well.