Bring whatever you need to be comfortable! If you plan on wearing heels or wedges you might also include some comfortable walking shoes for in-between locations. For longer shoots or shoots that require a longer drive time, I suggest water and even a snack!

I’m not a big prop photographer, so if you show up to one of my sessions with baby shoes and signs I might cringe a little on the inside. However, I have had clients bring props that were meaningful to the family that I loved! One that particularly stands out to me is a quilt that the father’s grandmother had made. They took engagement photos, maternity photos, and once the baby was here- newborn photos. They also included it in each of their "Baby Steps" package shoots. So if you’re thinking about bringing a prop to your session, I suggest that you choose something that is meaningful, rather than trendy.

For those mommas due in winter or the heat of summer, don't forget your home as a location option! Indoor maternity sessions are just as beautiful as outdoor sessions.


                WHAT TO WEAR

I always suggest at least one of your outfits for maternity photos be a dress. To me, there is just something so elegant, romantic, and feminine about showing off the bump in a pretty dress. Maxi dresses tend to work best, but shorter dresses also look great. Just keep the length in mind if you plan on doing any poses that involve sitting down.

I also suggest wearing something form fitting to really show off the bump. That’s the whole point of the photos right?!

And last but not least, I think everyone should bare the bump for at least a couple of photos. You may have stretch marks, a dark line down your belly, or just feel “huge”, but someday you will miss all of it. They may not be the photos you share with all your friends and family or post all over social media, but I truly believe that someday when that little baby growing in your belly isn’t so little any more you love being able to look back and see what amazing things your body was capable of doing.

Even though I love dresses and bare bellies, you should ultimately wear what you feel good in! If you aren’t comfortable in what you’ve chosen for pictures it will show.